DEGEN Updates #6

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4 min readAug 13, 2022


In this sixth release of DEGEN Updates, we share a recap of Marketing and Community news, Product and Game Development updates since our last publication, and a look ahead at the coming 2 weeks!

Game Updates

Mt. Gawx

  • On 8/5/22 we deployed our 2nd mini game with the release of Mt. Gawx v1.0.4 (WebGL). Check out the update from Ali and the announcement from Bolo in our Discord.
  • Satoshi announces the opening of Mt. Gawx via Twitter with a bit of lore formally introducing Rugman that caught every DEGEN’s attention 🌋
Mt. Gawx Goes Live Tweet
  • As of 8/12/2022 at 1:00 PM ET, 108 people have sacrificed NFTL in Mt. Gawx, with 249 burn events totaling +5M NFTL 🔥 WHEW 🥵
  • Satoshi and Rugman have been keeping a CLOSE eye on the Mt. Gawx Leaderboard, and will be pondering what to reward the most loyal DEGENs…in due time…👀
Screenshot from the Mt. Gawx Leaderboard as of 8/12/22 at 1:18 PM ET

Nifty Smashers

  • 8/04/22: Ali pushed a new Nifty Smashers build — v0.32.2 (Windows). This build featured a fix for ghost issues, where some DEGENs would not load properly in the game. Shout out to Nasty for reporting and troubleshooting with the team! Check out the update in our Discord.
  • 8/10/22: Ali pushed a new Nifty Smashers build — v0.35.1 (WebGL/Windows).

WEN Game

  • 8/10/22: Ali pushed a new WEN Game build — v1.0.7(WebGL). This build added the Nifty League intro to the game.

What’s Next?

  • Ship Compete & Earn in Nifty Smashers (delayed, but estimated for the coming 2 weeks — primarily BE work remaining). The internal team has been testing the new brawler game mode, which has been lots of fun! Sahin, our Sr. Game Dev, came in like a dark horse out the gate. Watch out DEGENs!
Slack #general was poppin’ with some silliness during testing. Satoshi may be cloning his favorite DEGENs? Why would he put them in jail though? Who knows 🤪
  • Ship our new Moon Map with Compete & Earn. We’ve tested this internally and BOY is it fun!
  • Continued work on Core Gameplay Loop for Niftyverse
  • Continued work on 2D Animation System — Will has shared some exciting videos of DEGENs with wearables from comic burning!

Product Updates

  • Added support for Mt. Gawx in the dashboard including the game card, leaderboard, gamer profile stats, etc.
  • Stabilized and improved our crypto wallet connection and transaction signing experience, which resolved all bugs related to metamask interaction
  • Shipped improvements to Leaderboards on mobile, making it possible to view all game Leaderboards at any time from the convenience of your phone — hooraa! We also added a time-based filter to all Leaderboards! May want to toggle around on those, we heard Satoshi is the #1 user of this feature 👀
  • Shipped a handful of other bug fixes including copy updates and improvements, fixed enable/disable rental, fixed broken desktop app verification flow, resolved “time played” in the gamer profile, shipped incorrect data across the Earnings Cap Progress bar feature
  • We optimized the bundle size, so the dashboard is now loading faster and more lightweight
  • Brian upgraded from create-react-app version v4 to v5, which is a massive technical upgrade — LFG
  • We now have viewable and consumable data in our BI analytics dashboard, which will help us make quick business decisions with confidence and ease as we scale 📈

What’s Next?

  • Backend, external site, and docs preparation for the launch of Compete & Earn
  • Ship more improvements to the dashboard Cowswap API integration (fee notifications, etc.)
  • Updates to the content and structure of
  • Continued collaboration (Business Development, PR, Marketing) and smart contract development work with our L2 Partner.

Community & Marketing Updates


  • First onboarding sessions with our new web3 marketing, community, and branding agency, Moonlight! Moonlight is still in stealth mode, but the team of founders and operators come with stacked experience from places like Adidas, 100 Thieves, Activision, Disney, MTV, Google, StockX, EA, RedBull, MLB, Venmo, FaZe Clan, NCAA, Youtube, Fortnite and more. Bolo and Morgan are excited to have more talented builders and strategists join as we prepare for the Niftyverse sale and Alpha, and all the other awesome games/products we’ve got on the timeline in the coming months!

S. American Regionals Concluded 🇧🇷 👀

  • 8/12/22: Bolo hosted an AMA in Non Fungible Arcade’s Discord server (Twitter) with Dr. JPEG. Our favorite cowboy kindly gave away a DEGEN to a lucky NF Arcade member 😏
Tweet announcing our AMA with NF Arcade

What’s Next?

  • P&E tokenomics updates in preparation for Compete & Earn launch
  • Rental feed experiment aimed at increasing the diversity of rented Common DEGENs
  • Continued work with our NFT community collab for Nifty Smashers
  • Continued work on Niftyverse partnership material and GTM planning

Happy Saturday, fam 💜

Much Love,
Team Nifty League



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