Product Release: Leaderboards & Gamer Profile

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3 min readJun 9, 2022


Today we released two exciting new features to our web app — Gamer Profile and Leaderboards!

In this post, we will walk through the components of the features, why we are excited to ship these to our player base, and where we plan to take them in future product releases.


Leaderboards Tutorial 6/8/22

The Leaderboards feature includes Win Rate, Top Earners, and Top Kills. In the current version, Leaderboards are for Nifty Smashers gameplay only, and the time frame in consideration is all-time.

As Nifty Smashers attracts a competitive player, we are excited to launch Leaderboards as they help to visualize competition within our ecosystem. With Leaderboards, players can finally track their progress amongst others and set goals for their own progression.

What’s next for Leaderboards?

  • Weekly and Monthly Leaderboards
  • WEN Game Leaderboard
  • Social feature aimed at tapping into the competitive aspect of Leaderboards

Gamer Profile

Gamer Profile Tutorial 6/8/22

Today we released our first version of the Gamer Profile page in our app. You can perform several actions (updating your profile DEGEN and Username — new NFTL sinks!) and view relevant gameplay statistics.

  • Change your profile DEGEN (costs 1000 NFTL)
Change Profile DEGEN Feature
  • Update your Username (costs 1000 NFTL and is reflected across Leaderboards!)
Update Username Feature
  • XP and XP Rank statistics
XP & XP Rank
  • Other player statistics (wallet-based) like Matches played, Wins, Win Rate (%), and Time Played (Hours).
Other Player Statistics

More about XP & XP Rank

XP and XP Rank are designed to convey player progression as you level up your gameplay. XP is gained by playing ranked matches. XP Rank simply buckets XP in various ranges to show player progression. Total XP increases as XP Rank increases (for instance, at an XP Rank of 0, total XP is 3750, while an XP Rank of 5 has a total XP of 11320). The calculation for XP includes a handful of variables, which can be maxed out in any given match.

What’s next for Gamer Profile?

  • WEN Game support
  • Game-based statistics
  • Social sharing options and features
  • Incorporate more of Spike’s art/vision into the look and feel
Art Inspo. for Gamer Profile

Hit us with your feedback and let us know what you want to see introduced next!

Much Love,
Nifty Morgan



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