Nifty League Guild Tool Release & Tie-In With Rentals

At Nifty League, we’re working on building the future products of our industry. Two of the core products we’re releasing soon are NFT rentals and our guild tools. Our goal with this post is to share more about our guild tools and explain how they will coexist with our rental system.

As you may have heard, our NFT rental platform opens doors to anyone wanting to participate in the Nifty League ecosystem — whether exploring the Niftyverse or playing to earn with the Nifty League games — it’s as simple as picking a DEGEN, paying the rental fee, and starting to play.

But it doesn’t stop there — we’ve decided to roll out an entire suite of guild tools to complement our NFT rental system.

Our Guild Tools

There aren’t many tools readily accessible to community members regarding guilds. In addition, there is quite a bit of manual labor involved in maintaining and operating guilds that have many inefficiencies and result in quite a few [costly] barriers to entry and operation. Our goal is to remove this friction for our guild partners.

Our vision for our guild tooling is one of automation and “one-click” solutions that remove the brunt of manual labor and open doors for anyone to become a guild owner and/or operator and participate in the guild ecosystem.

Where We’ll Start With Our Guild Tools

One of the most significant pain points in starting and operating a guild is scholar onboarding and management, especially when it comes to payouts.

The initial release of our rental product will include a scholar onboarding feature. During the checkout process for a DEGEN rental, you can opt to assign the rental to a scholar. Here is how it will work in three simple steps:

  1. Your scholar creates a Nifty League account by connecting their ETH wallet to the Nifty League website (this will auto-create an in-game balance wallet).
  2. Select a DEGEN to rent for your scholar, select the option to rent the DEGEN for a scholar during rental checkout, and enter your scholar’s ETH address in the appropriate field.
  3. Pay the rental fee, and let the scholar know they can begin utilizing the DEGEN for gameplay.
Rentals wireframe example.
Rental checkout wireframe for scholar example.

An example of what a payout may look like based on 100 NFTL in earnings to include the DEGEN owner, renter, and scholar in totality (the following percentages are not yet finalized, they are hypothetical examples):

  • DEGEN Owner (the person you are renting from) 30% = 30 NFTL
  • DEGEN renter (grantor of the scholarship) retains 20% = 20 NFTL
  • Scholar will retain 50% = 50 NFTL

These payments calculations happen automagically as the scholar earns from playing, removing the need for manual payments and spreadsheets to keep track of expenses.

When the participants want to claim their NFTL, they may do so from the Nifty League website for a small gas fee.

*If there is no scholar in the rental flow, the payouts will follow a 30% (owner) and 70% (renter) model.

Where We’re Going with Our Guild Tools

Other exciting additions to our guild tools are coming in future releases. These releases will include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Creating teams (guilds)
  • Team member/scholar analytics and performance tracking dashboards
  • Coach assignments to individuals or a group of players
  • Team profit sharing
  • Team performance bonuses and prizes from the DAO (we’ve acquired over 60 DEGENs specifically for guild incentives)
  • Additional burn mechanisms from guild earnings
  • Team vs. Team Tournaments

And a whole lot more.

While the release of our guild/scholar tool may delay rentals just a little bit, we believe it’s crucial to release these simultaneously to expand our ecosystem at a rapid pace. The right tools for Guilds, paired with NFT rentals, will help us grow our player ecosystem at a sustainable rate for players globally.



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