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3 min readNov 13, 2022


The Nifty League team is excited to announce our official partnership with Immutable X (IMX). We selected IMX as our Layer 2 (L2) partner for many reasons, which we’ll outline below. Their technology and developer support is unparalleled, and the focus on gaming in web3 is a perfect fit for Nifty League. With this announcement, we dropped a trailer featuring our Comic 1 (Tweet)!

Our Vision

Nifty League’s cutting-edge platform is bringing competitive gaming to an open-world metaverse centered around nostalgia. The Niftyverse, an expanding collection of games and social experiences encourages NFT communities to spend time connecting, gaming and owning in Web3. The upcoming release of the Niftyverse on IMX is complemented by an exciting pipeline of Nintendo-inspired games all powered by the most promising gaming tech out there.

Immutable X

Immutable X uses a zk-rollup engine built by StarkWare, enabling users to leverage Ethereum’s security gas-free. This next-generation protocol sets the standard for scalability being carbon neutral and maintaining the network effects of the Ethereum ecosystem. It also offers native wallets, easy-to-use APIs, and many different developer tools and services for building better games and marketplaces.

Selecting a suitable Layer 2 partner is crucial to scaling our ecosystem at Nifty League, and we couldn’t be more excited to start rolling out products on IMX. IMX is solely focused on powering the next generation of web3 games which positions Nifty League to capitalize on the upcoming wave of mainstream adoption. We are confident that this new generation of gamers will be buying and trading on NFT marketplaces built on IMX, including GameStop’s marketplace.

What does this mean for our NFTs?

  • Next week, we will release migration details for Nifty League Comics. Holders will be prompted to bridge their Comics to IMX and burn them to receive their in-game wearables, which will be available for use in Nifty Smashers. The unique burning flow and design was created by Mike, and reminiscent of our DEGEN minting experience via the Mint-o-Matic. A series of Comic Shorts will be released beginning next week, to tell the story behind the Nifty League Comics Collection!
  • Original DEGEN NFTs will remain on Ethereum Mainnet.
  • All additional in-game assets moving forward will be minted on IMX, carbon-neutral.
  • Join us on our first co-hosted Twitter Space with IMX on December 7th at 6pm EST!

About Nifty League

Nifty League’s founding team includes two engineers Ali Timnak and Andrew Mahoney-Fernandes who spent their careers at Activision, and Mike Scott, a long-standing successful pixel artist. A funding round closed in March allowed Nifty League to build out the team with additional key strategic hires. The round was led by RSE Ventures (“RSE”), a New York-based private investment firm founded by Stephen M. Ross and Matt Higgins! Additional investors include Lerer Hippeau, Spartan Group, VaynerFund (owned by Gary and AJ Vaynerchuk), Avocado Guild, EVOS Gaming, Private Ventures Group, Advancit W3, TEOH Capital, 3SE Holdings, y2z Ventures, NyanHeroes, DraftKings Co-Founder Matthew Kalish, and Gallery Media Group CEO Ryan Harwood, among others.

Nifty League released their first title “Nifty Smashers” in September 2021 cementing themselves as the Super Smash Bros of the NFT space. They have since introduced several creative mini-games to their platform this year, a bespoke rental system for gamers, and more to come!



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