How to Burn Nifty League Comics for Items

Create and Link your IMX Wallet

Create an IMX wallet and link it to your ETH wallet (the one holding your Comics).

How to create an IMX wallet and link it to your ETH wallet
Please note, the URL in the dialog above is for the IMX sandbox environment. The URL in your dialog should read

View and burn your Comics for Items

Use the top of the Comics Burner Machine to select comics for burning. Please note, you will need gas (ETH) to burn Comics and have the resulting items minted to your IMX wallet.

What each element of the top part of the Burner indicates
(Left) Click on the image of the comic to select | (Right) A light blue border indicates the comic is selected
(Left) The number next to the fire icon indicates how many comics you’ve selected to burn | (Right) Adjust the number of comics you’d like to burn using the arrows to the right of the number or by entering it manually
(Left) If at least 1 of each Comic is selected for burning, 1 Key will result (if 2 of each Comics are selected for burning, 2 Keys result, etc.) | (Right) 1 Key and 3 Items will result as Comics 4–6 are set to burn 2 each, and Comics 1–3 are set to burn 1 each
  • Comic 2 → Halo
  • Comic 3 → Diamond Bat
  • Comic 4 → Bread Bat
  • Comic 5 → Purple Bat
  • Comic 6 → Companion

Burning a full set of 6 Comics yields a Citadel Key

  • Comic 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 → Citadel Key

How do Items impact gameplay?

Items increase the Boost Value in Compete & Earn gameplay (implemented as Brawl Mode in Nifty Smashers — not yet live), which gives you a larger share of the NFTL winnings. A DEGEN can use a maximum of 4 wearable items at once. The DEGEN background and wearable item combination that earns the largest share of NFTL winnings in Compete & Earn is a DEGEN with a Legendary background equipped with a Companion, Cape, Halo and Diamond Bat.

  • Buy in amount = 1000 NFTL each
  • Total NFTL Wagered = 4000 NFTL
  • 1st — 2526 NFTL (Legendary w/ no wearables)
  • 2nd — 952 NFTL (Common w/ no wearables)
  • 3rd — 0 NFTL
  • 4th — 0 NFTL
  • Total Burned = 522 NFTL
  • Buy in amount = 1000 NFTL each
  • 1st — 2624 (Common maxed out items)
  • 2nd — 1050 (Legendary maxed out items)
  • 3rd — 0 NFTL
  • 4th — 0 NFTL
  • Total Burned = 326 NFTL

Common Questions

Is there a burn window?



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