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Nifty League Comics are on ETH Mainnet and can be purchased on OpenSea. You can view the Comics you own by visiting the Dashboard, connecting your ETH wallet and clicking the Comics & Items tab.

In order to claim Items, which will be used in-game and impact NFTL earnings in Compete & Earn, you will need to burn your Nifty League Comics, and the resulting Items will automatically be minted to your IMX (our Layer 2 partner) wallet.

First, you’ll want to navigate to the Comics Burner in your browser. Then, create and link your IMX wallet. Finally, view and burn your Comics for Items. Steps for each of the above are outlined in detail below.

Create and Link your IMX Wallet

Create an IMX wallet and link it to your ETH wallet (the one holding your Comics).

How to create an IMX wallet and link it to your ETH wallet

The steps followed in the video are outlined below as well.

Click the CONNECT WALLET button on the Burner.

Next, you’ll see the IMX dialog below. Click the Get Started button.

Your ETH Wallet dialog will show next, prompting you to connect your IMX wallet. In this case, I’m using Metamask, so I see the dialog below. Select the ETH wallet you wish to connect to your new IMX wallet and click the Next button.

A second dialog will prompt you to click Connect to confirm you’d like to connect your ETH and IMX wallet. Click the Connect button.

Please note, the URL in the dialog above is for the IMX sandbox environment. The URL in your dialog should read

A dialog requesting a signature will show next. Click Sign.

Next, another IMX dialog is triggered. Click the Set up key button.

Another ETH Wallet dialog will trigger (in my case from MetaMask) requesting a Signature once again. Click Sign.

The final IMX dialog below is triggered, which confirms your IMX wallet is setup and linked to your ETH wallet! Click Close.

View and burn your Comics for Items

Use the top of the Comics Burner Machine to select comics for burning. Please note, you will need gas (ETH) to burn Comics and have the resulting items minted to your IMX wallet.

What each element of the top part of the Burner indicates

Select a comic (or multiple comics) to burn by clicking the image and adjusting the number of comics you’d like to burn below each image.

(Left) Click on the image of the comic to select | (Right) A light blue border indicates the comic is selected
(Left) The number next to the fire icon indicates how many comics you’ve selected to burn | (Right) Adjust the number of comics you’d like to burn using the arrows to the right of the number or by entering it manually

Please note, in order to save (on ETH) gas costs, you may select multiple comics to burn at once. Simply click all the comics you wish to burn. Selecting all 6 Comics to burn at once will result in a Citadel Key.

(Left) If at least 1 of each Comic is selected for burning, 1 Key will result (if 2 of each Comics are selected for burning, 2 Keys result, etc.) | (Right) 1 Key and 3 Items will result as Comics 4–6 are set to burn 2 each, and Comics 1–3 are set to burn 1 each

Each Comic burned yields 1 wearable Item

  • Comic 1 → Cape
  • Comic 2 → Halo
  • Comic 3 → Diamond Bat
  • Comic 4 → Bread Bat
  • Comic 5 → Purple Bat
  • Comic 6 → Companion

Burning a full set of 6 Comics yields a Citadel Key

  • Comic 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 → Citadel Key

Once at least 1 Item or Key has been selected, the BURN 4 WEARABLE button will turn purple. Click it to initiate the burn. Please note, the items below the button do not indicate the item you will obtain from burning. These images simply indicate the items and number of items you own.

A dialog from your ETH wallet (in this case, MetaMask) will trigger requesting signature for the transaction. Click the Sign button.

A second dialog will show requesting access to all your NFTs on the contract. Click the Confirm button.

An alert will trigger at the bottom of the window indicating your transaction has started with a countdown.

A dialog from your ETH wallet will trigger indicating the gas fee. Ensure you have enough gas for the transaction and click the Confirm button. Please note, when you burn a Comic, it’s gone for good and cannot be reversed.

Once again, an alert will trigger at the bottom of the window indicating your transaction has started with a countdown.

The center section of the Burner shows a real-time animation of Satoshi transforming your crisp Comic(s) into sparkly new Item(s) or a rare Key!

Once complete, the Item burned (in this case, a Cape) will display under the ‘Items I Own’ section of the Comic Burner and is now in your IMX wallet!

Upon navigating back to the Comics & Items page of the Dashboard, you will see your new Comic and Item count. It may take a few minutes for newly-minted items to show up in the bottom window as well as in the user’s dashboard.

How do Items impact gameplay?

Items increase the Boost Value in Compete & Earn gameplay (implemented as Brawl Mode in Nifty Smashers — not yet live), which gives you a larger share of the NFTL winnings. A DEGEN can use a maximum of 4 wearable items at once. The DEGEN background and wearable item combination that earns the largest share of NFTL winnings in Compete & Earn is a DEGEN with a Legendary background equipped with a Companion, Cape, Halo and Diamond Bat.

Specific details regarding the NFTL winnings based on Item and DEGEN Background in Compete & Earn are listed below (and subject to change).

This table illustrates an idea of the strength of each DEGEN background and Item on a 100 point scale. Keep in mind, this solely impacts the bonus allocation, and does not impact the burn amount or base winnings per wagered match.

Please review the illustrative scenarios for Compete & Earn (Brawl Mode) earn outs below.

Scenario A

  • # of players = 4
  • Buy in amount = 1000 NFTL each
  • Total NFTL Wagered = 4000 NFTL
  • 1st — 2526 NFTL (Legendary w/ no wearables)
  • 2nd — 952 NFTL (Common w/ no wearables)
  • 3rd — 0 NFTL
  • 4th — 0 NFTL
  • Total Burned = 522 NFTL

Scenario B

  • # of players = 4
  • Buy in amount = 1000 NFTL each
  • 1st — 2624 (Common maxed out items)
  • 2nd — 1050 (Legendary maxed out items)
  • 3rd — 0 NFTL
  • 4th — 0 NFTL
  • Total Burned = 326 NFTL

Here comes the burn! Compete & Earn includes burnings events for an allocated portion of the NFTL wagered in every single match played. There will also be a floor of 6.25% and up to 16.666% max NFTL burned if no player has a rare background or wearable equipped.

Please note, items are not currently possible to equip on a DEGEN. This functionality is planned for a later date.

Common Questions

Is there a burn window?

  • We’ll probably let this run until the end of the year. For reasons only Satoshi will disclose, if you plan to burn, perhaps do it before then. We’ll make an announcement on Discord and Twitter prior to closing the burn window.

Why should I burn my comics now (especially if there’s no immediate utility)?

  • You don’t absolutely have to, but Satoshi may plan to reward early burners for their loyalty and engagement. Also, these items will be the first wearables in what we hope will form part of an OG collection of many more Nifty League Items as our project develops. PS: You may wish to keep your comics as is, there may be value in that too! Again, only Satoshi knows. Really though, there are no wrong choices here.

Helpful Links

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Mods or Team in Discord with any questions you may have regarding Comics, Items, and/or IMX.

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