DEGEN Updates #8

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4 min readSep 10, 2022


In this eigth release of DEGEN Updates, we share a recap of Marketing and Community news, and Product and Game Development updates since our last publication, and a look ahead at the coming 2 weeks!

Game Updates

Nifty Smashers

  • 9/7/22: Snarfy pushed a new Nifty Smashers build — v0.38.2 (WebGL/Windows). This build featured anti-cheat improvements and improved configuration loading. Check out the update in our Discord.
  • 8/28/22: VX Kongz went live in Nifty Smashers and our own Discord channel was launched in the Kongz server.
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What’s Next?

  • Ship Compete & Earn in Nifty Smashers (delayed, but estimated for the following 2 weeks — primarily BE and UI work remaining). Our new Brawler mode will support up to 16 players, and tweaking all the game and lobby UI to support such a large group has taken more time than initially anticipated. Not to worry, DEGENs, Dr. Sparkles has us in the home stretch! We’ve been testing Brawl mode internally and are super pumped about it. We can’t wait to see you all fill the C&E lobbies 🥖
  • Ship our new Moon Map
  • Continued work on Core Gameplay Loop for Niftyverse.
  • Continued development on a player progression and matchmaking system from Zoiby.

Product Updates

  • Improvement to the Dashboard DEGENs filter.
  • Fixed crash in the dashboard overview page, which was reported by Dr-NO.
  • Improved the web app to update status properly when Metamask gets disconnected or unlocked.
  • Adding parallax animations to our new site.
  • Continued collaboration (Business Development, PR, Marketing) and smart contract development work with our L2 Partner — nailed down an internal announcement and press date 🙌

What’s Next?

  • Finalizing art and video/gif assets for the new site, including onboarding tutorials.
  • Improving our Games page so that game card description and timing is more congruent with our timeline.
  • Add another column in the mobile leaderboard for improved readability.
  • Rental history overhaul and improvement (displaying past/inactive rentals, etc.)
  • Fix an issue that’s occuring when terminating rentals.
  • Improve consistency of our auth status management by leveraging the global context.
  • Implement a new filter bar design in DEGEN Rentals and My DEGENs pages.

Community & Marketing Updates

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Crypto Winter Game Card
Thanks for the kind words, Ed!

What’s Next?

  • Finishing up EU and APAC/AU Nifty Smashers Regional Tournaments.
  • Kongz only Nifty Smashers tournament with some exciting prizes including $BANANA.
  • Ongoing work on content (art) for the eventual Niftyverse launch.
  • Focused work with Moonlight on offerings for our strategic partners ahead of Niftyverse.

Happy DEGENerate Saturday, fam 💜

Oh, and the one and only Nifty Spike hiked the Fish River Canyon in Namibia (the 2nd LARGEST canyon in all of Africa)! His story and pictures from the epic hike are included below.

Fish River Canyon, Namibia 🇳🇦

Boots were being held together by hopes and dreams by end of hike. The hike was 66km (41miles) and it took me 5 days. We took all our own food, and drank water from river. The river wasn’t flowing but the water seemed fine. Temps got high, around 35 degrees C (95 F). There are only 2 escape routes on the trip, or helicopter evacuation. There was no cell phone reception, and a satellite phone was required to call in a heli in case of emergency. Wild horses live in the canyon, as do baboons and buck! No huts. We slept under stars in tents. It was wild and amazing. The star visibility was excellent at night. Our hike affected everyone profoundly in some way. We hiked with a group of 6: 50+ year olds and a 23 year old. 2 of the 6 in the group took an extra day to complete the hike (I wasn’t one of them).

Much Love,
Team Nifty League



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