DEGEN Updates #7

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5 min readAug 27, 2022


In this seventh release of DEGEN Updates, we share a recap of Marketing and Community news, and Product and Game Development updates since our last publication, and a look ahead at the coming 2 weeks!

Game Updates

Nifty Smashers

  • 8/23/22: Snarfy pushed a new Nifty Smashers build — v0.36.5 (WebGL/Windows). This build featured the much anticipated CyberKongz integration and minor bug fixes. Check out the update in our Discord.
Nifty League x CyberKongz Trailer released on 8/22/22 via the CyberKongz Twitter Account
  • 8/24/22: Snarfy pushed a new Nifty Smashers build — v0.36.9 (WebGL/Windows). This build included some major anti-cheat updates, added the Turkey Region (this will make gameplay smoother for our large Turkish player base!), and fixed the disappearing combo bug. Oh, and, some kind of a castle was introduced in the Satoshi Smashers level 🏰
Footage of the Satoshi Level in Nifty Smashers with that odd castle in the background 👀

Mt. Gawx

Tweet announcing Mt. Gawx’s new inactive state and a snapshot of the Leaderboard

What’s Next?

  • Ship Compete & Earn in Nifty Smashers (delayed, but estimated for the following 2 weeks — primarily BE and UI work remaining). Our new Brawler mode will support up to 16 players, and tweaking all the game and lobby UI to support such a large group has taken more time than initially anticipated. Not to worry, DEGENs, Dr. Sparkles has us in the home stretch! We can’t wait to see you all fill the C&E lobbies 🥖
  • Ship our new Moon Map with Compete & Earn.
  • Continued work on Core Gameplay Loop for Niftyverse.
  • Continued work on 2D Animation System.
  • New development on a player progression and matchmaking system from Zoiby.

Product Updates

  • Work on a brand spanking new site. This has been in the works for a while, so it’s awesome to finally see some real builds in staging thanks to our kickass FE team. More sneak peeks will be shared with our loyal community of holders in the coming days as we’d love to capture your feedback and input 🤝
  • Tweaking and landing on what core metrics to display in our new BI analytics Dashboard (Nifty Morgan and Caleb are working on this alongside Sharadh from RSE Ventures)📈
  • Shipped improvements to the dashboard Cowswap API integration (fee notifications, etc.)
  • 8/18: Our Sandstorm Build Proposal was funded and announced (Tweet). The proposal included 7 custom assets — Bull Riding Map, and 6 avatars for each DEGEN tribe. Verified Sandstorm Builders can now bid here.
  • 8/24/22: The Sandstorm Build Proposal bid for our bull riding scene and tribe avatars for sandbox has now been accepted and is in progress!

What’s Next?

  • Building out external website content and UX/UI for pages that will feature DEGEN NFTs, Games, Rentals, Compete & Earn, Niftyverse, and more.
  • Backend, external site, and docs preparation for the launch of Compete & Earn.
  • Continued collaboration (Business Development, PR, Marketing) and smart contract development work with our L2 Partner — should we announce we have an L2 partner?! 🤔

Community & Marketing Updates

CyberKongz Partnership

Link to Twitter Spaces Tweet Above
Tweet Announcing SEIYA’s Dojo — the tweet featured art by the amazing Seerlight and stream featured music by Oksami!!!

Mt. Gawx

  • Satoshi announced Mt. Gawx Leaderboard prizes on 8/26/22…
  • The most loyal DEGEN, Matthew Bern was rewarded a 7th Tribe DEGEN from Rugman, another DEGEN from Satoshi, and a Comic 6 from Bolo for his b e y o n d degenerate behavior burning OVER 1 MILLION NFTL 🥵. His cat DEGEN is now featured aside Mt. Gawx, memorialized in time for his loyal contributions.
Matthew Bern’s cat DEGEN…lucky number 8804 😏
  • Unfortunately, Rugman was not as nice to Nifty Andy. Poor Andy got rugged and received NOTHING for his 970k NFTL burned. Maybe next time, ser 😈
  • Stinky and another anonymous wallet burned +500k NFTL and were given a 7th Tribe DEGEN for their kind contributions 🔥
  • Satoshi sent DEGENs who ranked #4–#10 on the Mt. Gawx Leaderboard a DEGEN 🪄
  • Finally, everyone who sacrificed to Mt. Gawx was sent 50 Arcade Tokens, which can be used to play WEN Game (and perhaps some other utility in the future…you just never know 👀)

Asia+Australia & Europe+Turkey Regional Tournaments & Streaming News

What’s Next?

  • Continued work on Niftyverse partnership material and GTM planning with the awesome team at Moonlight.
  • Kongz only Nifty Smashers tournament

Happy DEGENerate Saturday, fam 💜 🦍 Get ready for some BOLOISH weeks ahead.

Much Love,
Team Nifty League



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