DEGEN Updates #5

Game Updates

  • 7/23/22: Ali pushed a new Nifty Smashers build released — v0.32.2 (WebGL/Windows). This build features a 3-minute time limit added to all levels, fixed a bug where DEGENs were getting stuck in walls, increased bomb and banana cool-downs by 200ms and 100ms, bananas can now hit pouncing cats, and fixed a bug where a cat was able to evade bananas after pouncing. Check out the update in our Discord.
  • Ship Compete & Earn in Nifty Smashers (estimated for the week of 8/08/22)
  • Continued work on Core Gameplay Loop for Niftyverse
  • Continued work on 2D Animation System

Product Updates

  • In an effort to decrease onboarding friction for new players we’ve launched an integration with the Cowswap API. You’ll now see a Call To Action (CTA) to Buy NFTL on the Rental Overview Dialog. If your NFTL Game Balance does not exceed the required amount for the Rental, you may purchase additional NFTL without leaving the Nifty League dashboard. This transaction is processed via the Cowswap API with lower gas fees than one might pay on CowSwap or SushiSwap’s website. While the flow is in no way friction-free yet (4 crypto-wallet dialogs will be triggered from your browser extension), we believe this is a step in the right direction to more easily onboard the next wave of gamers into our ecosystem.
Rental Overview Dialog with the CowSwap Content In-Dialog
  • Updates to the content and structure of our landing page
  • Support our next mini-game in-dashboard — game card, leaderboard, gamer profile, etc.
  • Continued collaboration (Business Development, PR, Marketing) and smart contract development work with our L2 Partner.

Community & Marketing Updates

N. American Regionals concluded on 7/23/22

Official Nifty League Compete & Earn Trailer
Twitter Spaces Recap Tweet
  • In an effort to share arcane Smashers gameplay knowledge with our community and to fast-track players new to our game, SEIYA will be running bi-weekly 1 hour challenge events in our Discord on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 3 pm CST. Players will be gallantly rewarded NFTL for each round they win against our reigning champion. Good luck!
SEIYA’s 1 Hour Challenge Rewards Tiers
  • P&E tokenomics updates in preparation for Compete & Earn launch
  • Rental feed expirement aimed at increasing the diversity of rented Common DEGENs
  • Continued work with our NFT community collab for Nifty Smashers
  • Continued work on Niftyverse partnership material and GTM planning
  • Dr. Jeremy from team Aspen joins us in 2 weeks on our next Twitter Spaces to talk about their exciting new products



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