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6 min readJul 16, 2022


In this fourth release of DEGEN Updates, we share a recap of Marketing and Community news, Product and Game Development updates since our last publication, and a look ahead at the coming 2 weeks!

Game Updates

  • 7/5/22: 🐂 Launched the Bolo’s Rodeo map in Nifty Smashers. The community loved the map, in particular the bull (he’s pretty darn good at yeeting DEGENs off the map with that massive rack 😏). Awesome work from our Sr. Game Dev Dr. Sparkles! We were excited to see our first community map come to life — thanks for the amazing creative direction, Billie Pop!
  • To-date, the Rodeo map has seen over 3.5k visitors and approx. 130k pageviews. Time spent on this map is the longest compared to any other level in Nifty Smashers. LFG. We wonder if the bull will make an appearance in the Niftyverse? 🤔
Bolo’s Rodeo Map in Nifty Smashers
Papuyu was ready to get streaming (Tweet)
DaddyDolpix lovin’ the new map
Love from RaginFrog.Eth
Yeet Tweet by Mike
  • 7/8/22: Shipped the P&E Abuser Jail — where the ping is the highest and the NFTL faucet runs driest 🤣. All we can say is the jailhouse is gettin’ fulllllll fam. As many of our players know, we don’t tolerate earning sabuse in our games — Teamplay, Win Trading / Boosting, Macros / Bots, AFK (Away From Keyboard) Farming, Third Party Applications, and Griefing — it’s straight to jail for identified abusers.
P2E Abuser Jail in Nifty Smashers (Tweet)
  • Not an abuser and want to pay a visit to the inmates? No problem; head on over to Nifty Smashers and enter by clicking the Jail item in the menu. You’ll be placed in a random cell of up to 8 DEGENs. Do as much bönking as your heart desires.
  • 7th Tribe turnaround frames are complete — we can’t wait to share what Spike has been up to behind the scenes.

What’s Next?

  • Continued work on the Core Game Loop for Niftyverse
  • Nice progress on the new Netcode
  • Building the Brawler Gamemode for Compete & Earn
  • Continued work on the in-game UI framework
  • Animation System development required for items equipping/unequipping and the items marketplace
  • Work on the Nifty Tennis Join Screen and Title Screen

Product Updates

  • Improvements to the DEGEN Rental flow — we introduced a progress bar and clear CTAs regarding connecting your crypto wallet within the flow, which we hope will increase the conversion rate to successfully renting a DEGEN. Check out the video walkthrough by Nifty Morgan.
Update Rental Flow Tutorial 7/15/22
  • Promoted the Check your Rank feature on all game Leaderboards in hopes of increasing visibility and engagement.
Rank Feature on Leaderboards
  • Promoted Gamer Profile in the My Dashboard Menu in the Left Side Navigation in our Dashboard.
  • Removed the earnings cap progress bar from the WEN game page.
  • Built and shipped the Items Equipping and Unequipping Flows in our Dashboard in preparation for Comics Burning (these features sit behind a feature flag and will remain disabled until our smart contract development is complete and Comics Burning is ready to go live)

What’s Next?

  • Continued investigation on an integration with Cowswap
  • Complete an update Comics & Items and our new Comic Burn page
  • Improvements to filters on the Rentals page
  • Reminder notification to Sponsors that Rentals are renewing
  • Updates to our external site — content, design and new pages
  • Integration with our selected fiat onramp provider
  • Share details around our L2 partnership and plan for dev work (impacts Comic Burning timeline)

Marketing & Community

Watch the Video on Youtube
  • 7/15/22: 🇺🇸 🇨🇦 🏆 Nifty Smashers North America Regionals Tournament & Sign Up Form Announced. The tournament will be operated by our Community Mod sacx and the Nifty League team. Learn more and follow all updates in the Tournaments channel in our Discord.

This tournament will consist of up to 16 players who will be competing in a single elimination style tournament, with a 5000 NFLT entry fee. This amount will be subtracted directly from your Game Balance upon enrollment to the tournament. If you have an insufficient Game Balance at the time of enrollment, your entry may be sponsored by another DEGEN. All arrangements must be shared with the team prior to the tournament start in order to ensure fair payouts. - Zoiby

7/14/22 Twitter Spaces Recap (Tweet)
  • 7/15/22: Bolo spoke on the Neo Tokyo News Twitter Space where we got some awesome shout outs from credible folks in the NFT Gaming space! Check out the recording.

What’s Next?

  • 🏆 More information regarding regionals for 🇧🇷 Brazil and Latin America will be announced next week. Mark your calendar for 7/27/22. This tournament will be run by Consty, our Community Moderator, and the Nifty League team.
  • 🏆 More information regarding regionals for the 🇵🇭 Philippines, 🇮🇩 Indonesia, 🇦🇺 Australia, and players based in other nearby countries will be announced next week. Mark your calendar for 7/27/22. This tournament will be run by our Community Moderator Citra and the Nifty League team.
  • 🏆 More information regarding regionals for 🇪🇺 Europe, 🇹🇷 Turkey, 🇮🇳 India and all other countries will be announced next week. Mark your calendar for 7/30/22. This tournament will be run by our Product Designer (and web3 gaming degen😏) Gideon and the Nifty League team.
  • 🏆 The Nifty Smashers Compete & Earn game mode and trailer are set to go live in the coming 2 weeks — things are heating up! Get those bats warmed up, we think wagering could get prettttty competitive out there in the Citadel. Oh yeah, and expect the Doge Moon Map to be launched with Compete & Earn! Updated: Check out our video trailer!
  • Spike continues to work on promotional material (we cannot wait to share these with you!) for Comics Burning.
  • We are in the home stretch of finalizing a Statement of Work with our marketing partners and are excited to announce them to you all in the coming weeks!

Much Love,
Team Nifty League



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