DEGEN Updates #3


Bronze Event Sponsor

Nifty League Table at the Marriott Marquis Times Square
Mike setting up Nifty Smashers at our table at Marriott Marquis Times Square
NFT NYC attendees playing Nifty Smashers
Mike created and printed rental pass postcards that were used to encourage new user onboarding

DEGEN Dinner

DEGENs gathered to eat ramen in Hell’s Kitchen on 6/21/22 — thanks for organizing, RealDeal | Left to Right: Bolo Dave, Fvsvy, Zoiby, Beau_Grylls, MassRez, WeaselBear, Nard, RealDeal, McKonley, Spike, Gospodar, Andy | FYI, RealDeal is the big bro to 3 triplet brothers…no wonder he’s so talented at bat-based beat downs 😂

Teshimi Yacht Party hosted by Nifty League, Forgotten Runes Wizard Cult & Worldwide Webb

Teshimi Yacht Party poster by the one and only, Mike Scott
RealDeal, Fvsvy and more DEGENs playing Nifty Smashers on the Yacht
View of the Manhattan Bridge from the Yacht
Bolo Dave and his custom bolo tie by Corduroy Pillows
Austin Kenneth and MassRez
Worldwide Web3, Nifty League, and Forgotten Runes
NFT NYC booth banner hanging in a DEGEN Speakeasy (somewhere in Michigan, we think 👀)

Game Updates

Enter Satoshi’s Gym by tapping ‘PRACTICE’ in the Smashers window
Satoshi’s Gym, Nifty Smashers

What’s next?

Mike’s brainstorming sketch for our ‘Central HUB’! FYI for all our Mike Scott fangirls/boys— he left his Moleskin (backstory here if you missed it) at home 🇿🇦, so many of his sketches over the past week were done on hotel notepads 👌

Product Updates

Earnings Cap Progress Bar on the Smashers Browser Page
Earnings Cap Progress Bar on the Rentals Page
Earnings Cap Progress Bar on the Overview Page under My Dashboard
WEN on the Gamer Profile
Renter Reminder

What’s next?

Marketing & Community

Our first WEN Game snapshot was taken on WENsday 6/29/22
Stealth NFT
PaRa80L1C congratulating rifachnia in our Discord

Team Updates & Hiring

David Horacheck joins Nifty League
Views of Lady Liberty (Tweet)



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