DEGEN Updates #2

Game Development Updates

  • 6/15/22: Released our first Arcade Game — WEN Game! We went into all the details in our WEN Game WENsday post. We have seen promising early engagement and lots of competition on the leaderboard.
WEN Game Card
  • The Gym Tutorial is in QA and will be shipped within the next 2 weeks.
Gym Tutorial Rendering by Spike
BilliePop’s winning level design worked up by Ben
Zoiby Ban Hammer by richyrich35

Product Updates

  • 6/8/22: Launched our very first Leaderboard feature, supporting NiftySmashers and 3 Leaderboard types.
  • 6/15/22: Launched our in-game (non-ERC-20) Arcade Tokens! We went into all the details in our WEN Game WENsday post. Approximately 48 hours post-go-live and we’ve seen ~250 unique players and burned +250k NFTL via Arcade Token pack purchases (with ~20% of transactions from Renters and 80% from Owners).
Hi-Res Arcade Token Rendering
  • 6/17/22: Shipped a new feature limiting DEGEN Rental Sponsorships on Rare, Meta, and Legendary Background DEGENs to DEGEN Owners only — the goal with this feature is to increase the (1) value of owning a DEGEN, and (2) rental rate of Common DEGENs. Please note, it will still be possible for people (1) who do not own a DEGEN to sponsor all Common DEGENs enabled for public renting, (2) to rent a Rare, Meta, or Legendary Background DEGEN directly if it’s enabled for public renting, and (3) to sponsor recruits on all DEGENs you own. Furthermore, we will be capping the number of active sponsorships a DEGEN owner may have on non-Common DEGENs next week (based on the type of DEGEN owned — Common, Rare, Meta, or Legendary).
  • 6/17/22: Introduced a new Check Your Rank feature on Leaderboards for WEN Game— tapping it populates a neat art/graphic-based Leaderboards image with your profile name/wallet address displayed and a CTA to share on Twitter.
Check Your Rank + Social Share for WEN Game Leaderboard
Twitter share for the WEN Game Top Kills Leaderboard (thanks for the like, GoldFish!!!)
  • Implement the Check Your Rank feature and graphic-based Leaderboard with social sharing for Nifty Smashers.
  • Build the earnings cap progress visualization for Smashers Web, the Dashboard page, and the rentals page (thanks for the feedback, SJP and Peach Guild!)
We love your feedback! Keep it coming.
Earnings Cap Progress Visualization Designs for Smashers Web
Earnings Cap Progress Visualization Designs for Dashboard>Overview
  • Add WEN Game to Gamer Profile.
WEN Game on Gamer Profile Designs
  • Start working on user flows and designs for a few important longer-term projects — more info to come in the weeks to follow!

Marketing & Business Development

  • Final stages of discussions with a stealth branding, marketing, and PR agency partner specializing in web3 (we are also involving our VCs in due diligence).
  • Co-Hosting an event, TESHIMI Yacht Party at NFT NYC on June 23rd with the Forgotten Runes Wizard Cult and Worldwide Webb3 for DEGEN owners. Please note, that registration is closed until Bolo is made aware of cancellations. Please message Bolo in the Lair if you are interested in attending. If spots open up closer to the event, he will reach out.
Insane Yacht Party Banner by Spike

Team Updates

  • We welcomed three new members to the team — Sahin Aliyev (Sr. Game Engineer), Nicolas Morga (Sr. Web3 Engineer), and Gideon Awolesi, (Product Designer).
  • We parted ways with Koa as VP of Product and wish him all the best in his next endeavors. We sincerely appreciate all that Koa has done for Nifty League and our community. Please read Andy’s Discord announcement for more details.



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